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TORMAX 1201 Swing Doors

TORMAX 1201 Swing Doors

The Tormax 1201 Swing Door Operator is the ideal solution for retrofit applications and is easily installed due to the unique back-plate design. Models are available for single, pair and double egress applications and can be configured to existing doors with butt/offset or center pivoted hinges, swinging either out or in without breakaway.

The Tormax 1201 Swing Door Operator is a fully programmable dual purpose operator with heavy duty mechanics that meets ANSI standards A156.10 and ANSI standards 156.19. The Tormax 1201 is a non-handed power open, spring close mechanical operator capable of swinging interior and exterior doors up to 55" wide, weighing up to 550 pounds. The Tormax 1201 Swing Door Operator incorporates a 1/3 HP DC motor with reliable rack and pinion mechanics coupled with a programmable microprocessor controller. The result is a smooth quiet trouble free swing door operator that provides long lasting performance and efficiency.

First Class with Luxury Features!

By means of the programmable microprocessor controller the intelligent self-learning swing door operator will auto-configure to meet your specific application requirements. At what speed should the door open? How wide should it open? How long should it remain open? How fast should it close? The Tormax 1201 Swing Door Operator is a modular drive of superior Tormax quality and unmatched features. The basic unit allows for 24VDC activator, two push plates and a reactivation sensor. On-board provisions for door status, battery backup and additional modules. The basic unit comes standard with built-in "Open/Timeout/Close", "Sequential", "Push and Pull" and "Power Assist Close" functionality. Additional functionality can be simply added via on-board modules as required by application and or by design. The system provides for auto-diagnostics for quick and easy trouble shooting. ANSI/UL 325 & 228 (fire) listed for both United States and Canada.

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