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Swing Doors

Swing Doors

TORMAX Swing Door Systems offer the right drive for any type of swing door application. Operating almost unnoticeably, our swing door drives are easy to service, and meet all building code requirements. Automatic detection of obstacles, safe manual operation in the event of a power loss, and the capability of fitting the door with a panic breakaway device for emergency egress are only a few of the many safety characteristics of our swing door systems. Installation is possible on the overhead lintel, concealed overhead or even concealed in the floor, taking minimum time to fit, either when installing new doors or retrofitting existing ones. They are available for standard single, double and specialty doors.

A TORMAX swing door system makes no compromises-either in terms of aesthetics or functionality. The compact, discreet design blends into the architecture of any structure. Because our doors are "self-learning", a door can be brought into service quickly and easily.

Swing Door Products

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