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iMotion 1301 Swing Doors

iMotion 1301 Swing Doors

The iMotion® 1301 Swing Door Operator is the ideal solution for retrofit applications and is easily installed due to the unique back-plate design. Models are available for single, pair and double egress applications and can be configured to existing doors with butt/offset or center pivoted hinges, swinging either out or in without breakaway.

The iMotion® 1301 Swing Door Operator is a fully programmable dual purpose operator with heavy duty mechanics. The iMotion® 1301 Swing Door Operator incorporates a powerful wear free 1/3 HP AC Synchronous motor with a rack and pinion transmission that is coupled with the intelligent iMotion® microprocessor controller. The result is a smooth whisper quiet trouble free swing door operator that provides long lasting performance and efficiency with the following features:

  • The most advanced swing door operator in the world today: iMotion® 1301.
  • Programmable iMotion® microprocessor control that provides flexibility during system configuration.
  • Unlimited application flexibility, provides for personalized programming, exceptional safety and monitoring features
  • Simple operator adjustments due to “Teach-In” a self-learning door control commissioning program, establish door opening and closing movements without the use of maintenance prone cams, magnets and/or mechanical switches
  • Auto-diagnostics for quick and easy trouble shooting.
  • ANSI/UL 325 & 228 (fire) listed for both United States and Canada
  • Dual purpose operator, meets ANSI standards A156.10 and ANSI standards 156.19

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