Welcome to May Contracting Inc.

From the ground up, May Construction Inc. has been cultivating the art of construction since 2003. Consistently meeting new challenges with new emerging technologies and in the marketplace, our reputation of quality, experience and extreme attention to detail is why we are the Tri-State's leader in contracting craftsmanship. May Contracting offers cutting-edge, constructive solutions to transform even your most intricate architectural ideas into colossal reality. Problem solving is our specialty and client communication always reigns supreme. Whether your contracting needs are Residential or Commercial, Health Care facilities, Education, Government and/or Industrial and/or Manufacturing, Parking Structures, Improvements, Upgrades or remediation; we have made it our sole mission to get the job done as effectively, efficiently and smoothly as possible, on time and on budget. As a general contractor providing the highest levels of safety, performance and excellence, May Contracting Inc. has a focused and structured process of precision planning, eminent workmanship, the most up to date materials and absolute quality service that join together to exceed your highest standards, guaranteed.