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A relatively new company formed in 2003, May Contracting has quickly evolved into a company known for tackling the most challenging projects and the most up-to-date, efficient way of handling them. Due to the accumulated 40+ years of expertise of our experienced staff at May Contracting, our most prized asset is our people, and our number one priority is serving you, or clients. Understanding the power of communication, collaboration and teamwork, we leverage that power to surmount any challenge or obstacle to strategically execute and accomplish great things; with our clients always in the driver's seat.

We empower our clients with the information necessary to assess their projects, at any time, at any stage or phase of development. During the construction phase, our extreme antecedence are schedule, performance, communication and extensive attention to detail; that's what sets us apart from other contracting companies. May Contracting provides, but not limited to, project planning and management, scheduling, contract administration, cost estimates and financing- adding extra power to our core business and service; built rock solid, block upon block, on a foundation of safety, courtesy and quality control. Our values are constructed with kindness and fundamental consideration, accepting sole responsibility to ourselves, colleagues, families and our environment, always providing an accident-free, eco-friendly workplace-regardless of the cost. Remaining true to our founding qualities of integrity, honesty and hard work, doesn't it make sense to work with a company with the highest ethical standards in the industry? At May Contracting, we work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect is our bottom line for success.

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May Contracting offers cutting-edge, constructive solutions to transform even your most intricate architectural ideas into colossal reality. Problem solving is our specialty and client communication always reigns supreme.

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