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iMotion TN 110 In-Floor Swing Doors

iMotion TN 110 In-Floor Swing Doors

The iMotion® TN 110 In-Floor swing Door Operator (High and Low Energy) is the best choice for door automation in demanding architectural and application situations. This unique operator is in floor and hidden from view. It is the perfect answer for maintaining the architectural integrity for both new buildings and older buildings. The iMotion® TN 110 Swing Door Operator (High and Low Energy) is approved for use in buildings recognized by the Historic Preservation Society.

TORMAX new iMotion® TN110 In-Floor Swing Door Operator (High and Low Energy) was designed for rigorous conditions of commercial use for doors weighing up to 1000 pounds. With a fully concealed, in-floor electro-mechanical operator, the drive offers invisible power that is dependable and adaptable. The iMotion® TN 110 In-Floor fully programmable dual purpose operator can be configured as a high energy swing door operator complete with safeties or as a low energy ADA swing door operator.

The most advanced concealed in-floor swing door operator in the world today: iMotion® TN 110 In-Floor swing Door Operator (High and Low Energy).

  • Approved for use in Historic Buildings
  • Conforms with ADA guidelines
  • Surface or flush mount floor boxes
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Programmable iMotion® microprocessor control that provides flexibility during system configuration
  • Unlimited application flexibility, provides for personalized programming, exceptional safety and monitoring features
  • Simple operator adjustments due to “Teach-In” a self-learning door control commissioning program, establish door opening and closing movements without the use of maintenance prone cams, magnets and/or mechanical switches
  • Auto-diagnostics for quick and easy trouble shooting.
  • ANSI/UL 325 listed for both United States and Canada
  • Dual purpose operator, meets ANSI standards A156.10 and ANSI standards 156.19

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