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TX9500 w/iMotion Sliding Doors

TX9500 w/iMotion Sliding Doors

The series TX9500 is an all-glass sliding door entrance system.

It creates an appealing design oriented environment that provides open and clear lines of sight. The Door system utilizes the TORMAX direct drive system and ½” thick tempered glass panels. The system is available in clear or dark bronze finish as well as stainless steel or brass clad finish.

A fully adjustable door system, it is available in a concealed or surface mount configuration with the sliding panels and/or all panels breaking away for emergency egress. Optional accessories include electric Iocking and battery backup as well as a heavy duty direct drive system and components. The ideal solution for a smooth, quiet and elegant entrance that requires an inviting Iook.

iMotion 2301 Sliding Doors

iMotion 2301 Standard Duty Direct Drive: Created for long lasting efficiency and performance. The TORMAX iMotion Direct Drive System has no gears to wear or no leaking oil or grease. No motor brushes, commutator or couplings to replace “Wear Free Drive Principle”. The result is a long service life with the lowest total cost of ownership. The iMotion drive is extremely quiet in operation, and offers self-adjusting programmable iMotion micro-processor controller with advanced auto diagnostics, and plug and play features, which make installation and operation fast and simple.

iMotion 2401 Sliding Doors

iMotion 2401 Heavy Duty Direct Drive: For applications with large or heavy doors. Created for long lasting efficiency and performance. No Need to sacrifice performance and duty. Ideal for heavy industrial or tempered all glass doors. The iMotion 2401 drive is extremely quiet in operation.

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